By Fat Chip

There have been many atrocities that have plagued this world throughout history. The Crusades, The Black Plague, The use of Nuclear Weapons. But nothing comes close to what the MLB hammered down the pipeline this time.

No not some stupid fucking arm sleeve (Wilson Contreras) or some stupid cleats (Ben Zobrist –Fuck the Cubs). No, this is much worse. Daryl Boston, the Sox first base coach is banned from using his whistle during games because some players (Josh Fucking Donaldson) made a big stink about it.


I mean the nerve, the unmitigated gall of the MLB to decide if Boston can whistle away is insane. I mean it wasn’t like Boston was using the whistle to signal outfielders when a shift was on, or as a fun morale booster for when a player makes a good defensive play. This is inexcusable by the MLB simply just making it up as they go along.

I’m ready, I feel this is the time now to go to war with the MLB. Rob Manfred I’m coming for your head and their isn’t a damn thing you can do to stop me pal. Fuck baseball it’ stupid anyway dumb fucking sport. I mean, I don’t “really” mean that, just kinda jaded that the sox are the absolute worst. No, I”m gonna stop myself. This would be like the 5th blog in a row where I wrote about how the sox suck. I’m done with that. Gonna keep that outta my life. Fuck you Rob Manfred

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