By Fat Chip –

Folks, the sox are not good. Like really not good. Like Marlins bad… ok maybe not that bad but bad. We’ve lost 9 of the last ten, our offense has been stagnate until yesterday’s game but our pitching staff has let us down.

Another bad start from Fulmer doesn’t bode well for his spot in the rotation now and in the future and the pen has continued to let up runs. Other than Giolito and Lopez there hasn’t been much to see. Obviously that can change when ace Carlos Rodon returns from injury and Kopech ends up in the majors, but for now pitching is rough to watch.


In terms of fielders it seems as though Moncada might be getting out of an early season slump. Yesterday Moncada had a 2-run jack that turned out to be the only runs of the game for the sox along with a walk.


Today Moncada continued showing off that elite power that made him the number one prospect in baseball at one point with a BOMB of a grand slam in a 14 inning marathon in Oakland today. Its great to see great in a sea of fucking shit.

Speaking of gargantuan home run balls Eloy is reporting to AA Birmingham. Listen Sox fans, 2019 is only a year away, be patient, eat your vegetables and take your vitamins because its gonna be a god damn party on the Southside.

Who am I kidding, win or lose we still booze    


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