As Chicago Sports fans, there’s a lot of things we all hate. Ketchup on hot dogs, non-alcoholic beverages, downtown traffic, and especially the Green Bay Packers. Here are a few reasons why the Packers are so damn hate worthy:

The Fans 

I find it hilarious that the Packers are privately owned by almost 361,000 stock holders that think they actually ‘own’ the team. Packers fans are dumb enough to dump $275 per share. These are just ‘common stocks’, too. So they’re not gaining any money, losing any money and have zero say in anything the Packers do.


If you want to throw your money at an NFL team why don’t you spend it on $10 beers and $7 hot dogs at the stadium? Or put it to good use like when Bears fans raised money to pay Earl Bennett’s fines for wearing orange cleats?


With fans dumb enough to pay for a pointless title and wear synthetic cheese on their head you can’t expect them to be decent looking people either. Check out some of these characters… sheesh



Okay.. Any other team and that last guy would be pretty cool.

Fuck You Charles Martin 

The next season after winning the 1985 Super Bowl, the biggest bitch the NFL has seen, Charles Martin pretty much ended the career of Bears legend Jim McMahon with the dirtiest play you’ll ever see. Animated GIF-downsized_large (6).gif

Boy, I wish the all-mighty Ditka would have went out there and punched Martin right in the face, leaving an imprint of his Super Bowl ring.

Team Name, Colors & Location

The Green Bay Packers. What a shitty name and location for a football team. As if Wisconsin isn’t shitty enough, they put a football team in weirdo town, USA. As many know, Earl Lambeau named the team after his employer — Indian Packing Company. Yeah, yeah, yeah… historical value or whatever, but what the hell does a football team have to do with packing, cheese and located in a 56 sq. mile town in Wisconsin?

Football. Perhaps the toughest sport around and these guys are running around in yellow spandex pants. Sheesh.



Bear Down Till The Day I Die





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