By Johnny Six Point

As happily I woke up this morning to Venmo notifications and pay outs from Loyola-Chicago’s 69-68 (nice) win over Nevada. The Ramblers started slow and even blew a nice lead, but they’re not losing.

Being the only Chicago team in the tournament, I was heavy on the Ramblers from the start and it’s paying off. Shocking Miami and Tennessee in the first two rounds, the only explanation is Sister Jean —  the spry 98-year-old nun who is a chaplain for the Ramblers. Her pep talks and fresh letterman jacket are just cheat codes leading the Ramblers to success and it’s not gonna stop until they’re cutting down the net in San Antonio. (Wouldn’t that be sick if they lift Sister Jean’s chair to cut them down? Would be the best sports moment ever)

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 11.02.45 AM.png

K-State later upset Kentucky, but it really doesn’t matter. Loyola is gonna beat anyone in their way to bring a title back home to Chicago. Put your money down on the Ramblers because its gonna happen. You just can’t beat someone with Sister Jean on their side, come on.


My Pick: Loyola (+1) over Kansas State 67-63

Go Ramblers.

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