By Joey Nelson – 

   With the 2018 trade deadline in the rear view mirror it’s blatantly obvious where the Hawks are headed. Now this is a different feeling as a fan. For the past ten years the Hawks have been in the playoff picture and were a favorite to win the cup.

    While fans were binge drinking every cup run memories were made, things were born like Versteeg the rapper, the Kane playoff mullet and everyone just waiting for Corey Crawford to say “fuck” on national TV again.

giphy (20).gif

    Sadly those days are behind us as well. The Hawks are a dumpster fire right now and if they don’t change things up quickly they may find themselves in the same boat as teams like Buffalo, Carolina and Arizona before they know it. Moving a guy like Ryan Hartman hurts; He’s a hometown boy and fit the style of Chicago hockey perfectly, though the return we got for someone who spent most of his time on the third line is remarkable: A 1st and 4th round pick in this upcoming draft and one of Nashville’s top prospects. That’s a better return than what Buffalo got after trading Evander Kane. Even though he’s a total dick, he’s solid 20 goal 25 assist type player.

      The Hawks then proceeded to trade Tommy Wingels to Boston for a 5th round pick giving the Blackhawks a total of 8 in the 2018 draft.

     Now don’t get me wrong, that’s a great start but there’s no way the Hawks can stop there. Look for names like Saad, Seabrook, Anisimov and maybe some even bigger names to pop up in trade rumors this upcoming summer.

    I can’t imagine this team being anywhere near as shitty as the teams were in the mid to late 90’s, all I’m saying is don’t expect a cup run any time soon. What’s my advice to cope with the next few seasons? Hope for the best and if all else fails…. Drink heavily

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One thought on “Grab a Drink, The End of The Hawks Dynasty is Here

  1. Welp in full agreement here. We had a good run. Gotta wait to see how players develop in these next 5 years to see if we can make another solid push at the cup.


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