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Opening up the first quarter of the season, we all had to suffer through watching the unathletic giraffe disendant Mike Glennon lead the team to a 1-3 start.

We raced into a tough schedule, were only a play away from beating the Falcons in week one and actually defeated the deadly Steelers in an week three OT-thriller.

A lot of promise for the future, but realizing the money wasted on Glennon, the terrible coaching ahead and embarrassing losses to the Packers and Bucs sent us straight to the pavement.


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Week Five marked the start of a new era of Chicago Bears football: Mitch Trubisky as quarterback.

The ‘pretty boy assassin’ took charge of the team and impressed us all with close-fought battle with Minnesota and solid victory over the Ravens.

The defense took over and Eddie Jackson’s two huge defensive touchdowns sent Cam Newton and the Panthers home pissed off in a 17-3 Bears victory in week six.

A week later the Bears continued to impress as they fell to the dangerous New Orleans Saints 20-12. Though Zach Miller suffered a nasty knee injury, this game showcased what could be in store for our young team.

This four-game span against some tough teams had Bears fans all over the country shotgunning beers in their newly purchase Mitch Trubisky jerseys. 


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After a buzz-killing bye week, we hosted a piss-poor Brett Hundley Green Bay Packers team that somehow beat the Bears. John Fox then became the most hated man in Chicago.

As #17 Dontrelle Inman joined the team to help with the weak receiving core, we still fell short in the next three games leading to a shitty 3-9 record.


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After the all-around best game of the season in a 33-7 win over the Bengals, we felt on top of the word… Or in this case on top of a truck. 

After losing to the Lions in week 15, we got our first taste of Bear weather in a dominating 20-3 win over the winless Browns.

We closed out the season with a smack to the face and a blowout loss to the Vikings.

Until next year, Bears fans!


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